Many people in the church today think that “young-earth” creationism is a fairly recent invention, popularized by fundamentalist Christians in the mid-20th century. Is this view correct?

Answers in Genesis scholar Dr. Terry Mortenson presents his fascinating original research that documents a different story. With illuminating attention to detail, Mortenson discusses:

  • The men who invented the idea of millions of years
  • The beliefs of the “pre-Darwin” church regarding the age of the earth
  • The origins of the gap theory, day-age theory, local flood theory, etc.
  • The “scriptural geologists” and their arguments against old-earth geological theories
  • The real source of the idea of millions of years (it is not science)

This book details the early 19th-century origin of the idea of millions of years and the Christian men who opposed that idea.

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The Great Turning Point

  • Tillverkare: Answers in Genesis
  • Artikelnummer: aig-003
  • År: 2004
  • ISBN: 9780890514085
  • Sidor: 300
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